Interview : Edouard Feuvrier

Interview of the man behind the music: Edouard Feuvrier

1/ Who are you and what do you do for a living?

Hi, I’m Edouard: drummer for the past 25 years and contemporary music composer. My music is influenced (mainly, but not only) by jazz, rap, latin and Caribbean musics…

I have performed about 800 shows in France or foreign countries (like this one in Yemen, 2006) with various bands like:

To conclude with a videogame related anecdote, my favorite game is “Alex Kid” on master system. I played it way too much and I know each notes of each musics (not very difficult because there are only 3 tracks 🙂 )!

2/ What have you done for Subterraneus project?

I have composed the original sound track of the game: 12 tracks for a total length of 27min39s.

3/ Have you felt any specificity to compose for a videogame?

It’s my first experience but I quickly enjoyed it! Composing isn’t something new for me, but creating musics to fit graphics element is and it’s fascinating!

4/ There had to be some frustrating times…

Of course! Sometimes, we work for a long time on a track or a specific sound which will be judged inadequate or just doesn’t fit what the developer wants. But I don’t think it is a negative thing because there is always something to learn from these experiences!

And luckily, the opposite happens too! There are some key points that have came out very quickly.

5/ You mentioned the developer : how is it to work with him?

The important thing is to be frank in our relationship and communicate on a regular basis to avoid going in the wrong direction. There must be a coherent relation between music, image and story, but beyond that, my work as a band musician taught me that music is a matter of personal taste. So I had to compose musics with the developer’s preferences in mind.

6/ Last question before concluding : what is your favorite thing about Subterraneus?

For me, humor is an essential part of life. It brings softness into our everyday life. And in Subterraneus, humor is everywhere ! We can find it in drawings, characters, dialogues, … I tried to add a little bit of it in my musics too!

7/ Thank you for your time! One last word maybe?

Listen to musics! Explore new ones! Give a chance to styles of music to which you never listened! You could be surprised 🙂

It’s what make us keep moving forward!