Interview Frédéric EURIOT

Interview of the handy-man (developer, graphist, chips eater, …) : Frédéric Euriot

1/ Who are you and what defines you ?

First of all, I want to point out that I find the interviewer very handsome and clever! Then, allow me to introduce myself: I am the interviewer!

I have developed (professionally, as a web developer) and done stuff with a drawing pad (less professionally) for a decade and I had the occasion to work on several casual projects : some little flash games, a few contributions to animate and help adding new contents in a browser based mmorpg (Temps-Radiés) and even a first Point&Click named “A la recherche de la banane d’or” [Quest for the golden banana] (less than 20 min from beginning to the end) and developed for friends and family.

And finally, for the last 2 years and 9 months : Subterraneus.

2/ What have you done for Subterraneus ?

Edouard has taken care of the musics, Océane of the French to English translation, and I, of the rest. The rest is composed of code, graphics and script. Plus other little things.

3/ Among these three disciplines, which one is your favorite ?

Programming is fascinating because it’s a permanent challenge to transform an idea into something concrete (or as concrete as possible a piece of code can be). But it requires a constant concentration. It exhausts you very fast.

Drawing, whether it is 3D modeling or drawing, is relaxing and allows you to listening to music, watching a documentary, …

And imagining a story, writing dialogues, envisioning (bad) jokes and puns, … it’s pretty fun! The only limit is our imagination! At least for this part, because after that, ideas must be realistically doable…

But what I prefer is to be able to switch discipline when a task starts to feel repetitive to me!

4/ What are the specificities of developing a videogame ?

There is one thing that I didn’t realize when I started this project: it’s that everything is closely connected! Way more than in a website, which each part (scripts, databases, images, …) is one room of a big house. Subterraneus is more like a big warehouse in where everything is jammed more or less carefully. And if you need to modify something … Well, it’s better to have time in case of accidental collision ! Planning what we are going to do is a huge time saver. And the earlier, the better!

It’s demanding, but satisfying when it works!

5/ Which functionality have been the most difficult to develop?

Maybe it’s the one for keeping the text above the hero in the screen limits.

It’s something which seems very easy at the first thought. But it was more challenging than expected. There were harder things to develop, but I was expecting them to be complex.

For this “simple” functionality, I thought 15 min would be enough, but it took me too many hours to find a satisfying solution.

6/ Last question before concluding, what is your favorite thing in Subterraneus ?

It’s all the little details in the decor and dialogue that open the mind to an imaginary land or reference to others creations (games, movies, books, …). Some are obvious, but many can be missed for the unattentive ones.

7/Thank me for answering my own questions! And you for reading this! A last word maybe ?

Thank you for your interest in Subterraneus! I worked a lot to make everything the most enjoyable for you within the limits of my means! I hope that the game experience will please you as much as it pleased me to develop!